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Poker is arguably the most played and popular table game in both online and brick and mortar casinos. Because of its challenging and rewarding nature, poker is played across the globe by both beginners and experienced punters. Here at Playslots Casino, we offer a wide collection of poker titles that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. 

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What is poker and why should you play it?

Poker’s history can be traced back in the early 1800s in Europe, Middle East, and China. During that time, poker was known as ‘poque’ and was a popular game in the gambling chambers in New Orleans. 

Back then, it was wide-spread among soldiers who fought in the American Civil War. Meanwhile in Europe, poker was known as ‘Brag’, a game that utilised a 20-card deck. According to historical accounts, this game has French origin, brought to the shores of the United States by French voyageurs. 

Soon, poker gathered more traction in the Western frontier and has been linked to the ‘Wild, wild West’, where saloons entertained men who carried guns and played poker. As the years went by, poker dominated more states and became the thrilling game we know today.

Meanwhile, other accounts claim that poker was birthed in the colourful lands of East Asia, specifically in China in the late 900s. It was said that it was a game played by an Emperor and his lover with mahjong tiles. At the time, it was popularly known as the ‘leaf game’.

Meanwhile in the Middle East, it was known in Persia as the ‘Ganjifa’, which means treasure cards and was played using ornate items made from ivory and turtle shells. 

Even in pop culture, poker lingo is prevalent and is often used in movies, commercials, or advertisements. If you’ve encountered terms or phrases like ‘he keeps his cards close to his chest’ or ‘all in’, all those are nicked from the poker table. 

While the exact origins of poker are still unsure, what’s clear is that it’s a game that has been enjoyed across countries and cultures because of the thrill and satisfaction it brings. 

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Poker: How does it work?

Unlike regular table games, poker consists of more complicated game rules compared to others. Poker is played with a standard deck of cards. However, this may vary, depending on the type of poker game. But no need to worry! Regular practise can help you develop your poker skills.

The cards will be shuffled and then laid out based on rankings and value. High ranking card faces such as Jack, Queen, King, and Ace have the highest value. Meanwhile, the numerical cards are determined by their valuations. Your goal in poker is to achieve the highest hand possible, that’s why you need to know the different types of hand combinations in the game. 

A poker game begins with the dealer giving out two hole cards to the players. Then, players will place a blind or an ante. This is the initial bet placed to create the pool money. 

Players will call action or bluff, depending on the strength of their cards. After that, the dealer will deal three community cards, face up. 

The second betting begins. 

Once all the players have placed their second wagers, the dealer will deal the fifth set of community cards. It’s also known as the ‘river’. After this, the final round of betting will begin. 

If there are two or more players that still haven’t folded, the rest of the participants will reveal their cards. The winner will be the player who has the best hand.

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Poker concepts you should know about


It is said that bluffing is the heart of poker. If you want to win, you need to possess bluffing skills to have an edge over your opponents. Bluffing in poker simply means that you will trick your rivals into thinking that you have strong cards even if you have a weak hand.

There are stories of poker players who won the pool prize even if they have a weak hand just because they have a talent in bluffing. If you want to be an effective bluffer, always be mindful of your rivals and exude confidence at the poker table.

Forced bets 

A forced bet is a mandatory wager that players wager at the initial part of the game. Usually, this is called the ‘ante’ or ‘blind’.


This action in poker means that you can opt to decline from wagering during the first round of betting.


Calling in poker means you will challenge another player’s bet or raise.


This action means you will increase the size of your wager in the same round.


This action in poker means you will pull back from the game because you have a weak hand.

All in 

All means that a player doesn’t possess enough chips to call or wager.

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Different poker betting limits

Poker features different sets of betting limits. In different variants of the game, you can find different wagering structures that you can encounter while playing. 

Pot Limit (PL) – This betting limit allows players to raise the stakes up to the accumulated value of the pot. 

Fixed Limit (FL) – This betting limit requires players to place fixed wagers only. 

No Limit (NL) – This betting limit allows players to wager all their chips during their turn to bet. 

Major variants of poker

Over the years, poker has branched out into different variants. Here are some of the most popular types of poker you can encounter in online casinos:

Community card poker

Community cards include popular varieties such as Texas Holdem and Omaha. In this variant of poker, players will be given less than five cards. Usually, several face-up community cards will be distributed to the players to achieve the best hand possible.

Straight Poker 

Also known as the oldest version of poker, this game is famous among punters. In this version, players will be given a full hand of five cards. After a betting occurs, players can raise or erase until the game ends. The most popular variants of this game are five-card and three-card brag.

Draw poker 

Draw poker is another poker variant where all the players receive a full set of five cards. In this game, players can enhance the hand they have by removing the ones and replacing them with the dealt cards. A famous variant of this game is five-card draw poker.

Stud poker 

In stud poker, players are given cards one-by-one in specific combinations. The card can be dealt face-up or face-down. Seven-card stud and razz are the most popular variants of this game.

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What is video poker?

Video poker is a version of the game that can be played in online casinos. This means that everything is virtual and presented in graphics. For players who don’t have the time to drop by a land casino or play with other players, this type of poker gives the luxury of enjoying the game at their leisure. 

How to play video poker

There are different variants of video poker, but the most popular type you can encounter is the five-card draw. Here is the basic gameplay of the game: 

  • To begin the game, you need to select a variant that you want to play. Once done, you need to deposit a wager depending on the minimum and maximum limit. 
  • After placing your wager, you need to hit the ‘deal’ button in order to receive your first five poker cards. You have the option to remove the cards you don’t want in your hand. 
  • Once done, you will receive replacement cards from the virtual community deck. 

When playing video poker, you need to refer to the paytable available in the information section before placing your stakes. This is an essential step because payouts may vary depending on the game you’re playing. 

When it comes to video poker, you can encounter two types of payouts: full pay and short pay. Full pay video poker features a maximum RTP rate. In some cases, there are games with more than an RTP of 100%!

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Aside from reading about the payment structure, it’s also important to know which variant of video poker you will play. Here are some of the most common types you will encounter: 

Jacks or Better 

Jacks or Better is a type of video poker where the pair of jacks is considered as the best hand. 

Deuces Wild 

The Deuces Wild is a type of video poker where the presence of the two wilds in a hand can create a winning card combination for the player. The payouts you can receive in this game vary, depending on the hand you create. A full house and a royal flush is a winning hand in this type of piker. 

Additionally, the deuces in the game also function as wild cards and interchange with any card. 

Bonus poker 

As the name suggests, this variant of poker is popular because of the bonuses it offers. Aside from the thrilling incentives, you can receive exciting payouts when you form a four of a kind hand. 

Double Bonus Poker 

If you think Double Bonus poker is exciting, think again. In Double Bonus Poker, the thrill of the game is two-fold because of the extra bonuses you can receive when you form a four of a kind.

Tens or Better 

Tens of Better is a simple variant of video poker. If in Jacks or Better you need to obtain a pair of Jacks, in this game, you need to obtain a lower hand of a pair of tens. The only downside of this game is that it has low payout. However, if you want to practise your skills at video poker, this game is a good title to try out.

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Tips in playing video poker

Even though video poker is played online, there is still a required set of skills you need to master to maximize your wagers. Here are a few tips you can try to win in video poker: 

Learn the rules and understand them

As mentioned above, there are several variants of poker that you can encounter. To play effectively, you need to know the game you’re playing and how it works. Don’t make the mistake of playing without learning the rules. These can incur significant losses if you’re not careful. 

Check the payouts 

Learning the payouts can help you become more adept in playing. Having a good grasp of the payout structure gives you an idea of what actions to take and understand the risks that come with them. 


If you want to take home astounding payouts, you have to do the time and practise the game. Winning doesn’t come easy. You need to learn how to form strategies that can help you bag exciting payouts.  

Luckily, Playslots Casino offers a wide variety of video poker games that can help you exercise your skills in playing!