Playslots Casino: Everything you need to know about RTPs

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If you’re a regular online casino player, you’ve probably encountered a term called ‘RTP’ in the games you’re playing. Usually, it’s presented in a percentage format that you will see in the information section of the game. However, what does this small number mean and why does it appear every time you play in an online casino? 

If you’re curious to know more about RTPs and how they work, read this article to understand how you can use them and how they can affect your chances of winning when playing casino games.

What is an RTP?

Also known as ‘Return to player’, it is an indicator of the amount of money that online casinos will return to punters. Most of the time, this tiny bit of information is expressed in percentage form (e.g 97%, 95%). 

When it comes to RTP, the higher it gets, the higher the amount of money will be returned to you after spinning slot games over a period of time. Game titles that feature high RTP will give back the indicated percentage of a player’s wager.

New players in online casinos often make the mistake of thinking that an RTP shows how fast a slot game can go or how much players can win in the slot. This is not true. RTPs are programmed by developers during a game’s trial run. They do this by administering at least a million spins to check if it works.

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RTP and game volatility: What’s the difference?

An important thing to know about RTPs is that they do not influence your odds of winning in a slot game. The volatility of a slot is what affects your odds of succeeding in the game. When it comes to volatility, you shouldn’t expect high volatility slots to pay often. However, when lady luck is on your side, they can give pretty huge payouts. 

Meanwhile, low and medium volatility slots often give payouts, but they usually give low prizes to players. 

How does RTP work in game demos?

Most online casinos offer a Free Play or Play for Fun version of slot games they offer. This feature allows players to test out a game without shelling out money. If you’re unsure how to play a slot and you want to learn the features first, playing the demo version will give you a chance to do this. 

Free play versions of slots can be enticing because every time you spin, you can trigger exciting game features and payouts. 

However, don’t bank your hopes on the result of free plays because they’re programmed to highlight the winning side of slots. Once you play for real money, chances are you won’t land a winning combination even after several spins. 

So how does the RTP work in the free play version? According to game providers, they sometimes give higher RTP percentages for demo slots to attract people to play. This strategy often works because people’s minds are programmed to think that they can actually win high payouts when they wager real money. 

The only catch is that game developers can’t modify the games if the casino already implemented their rules. Gaming organizations oversee issues such as tampering or rigging to make sure it doesn’t happen in both online and land casinos. However, some gaming authorities such as Curacao e-Gaming Commission are lax when it comes to implementing such laws as long as they don’t violate major clauses that can void their gaming permit. 

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Why is RTP important?

The RTP ensures that players get a chance to win from the game. Just because you can’t make winning spins, doesn’t mean that you’ll always be the underdog in the game. Knowing that the game you’re playing has an RTP just proves that it’s tested and will eventually return some of your wagers. 

Can RTPs be modified?

The short answer is no. Because of the complex game algorithms ingrained in slots, altering the RTP takes a lot of work. The only way to change it is for the developers to reprogram the game. According to Max Black, a casino owner, providers such as Nolimit City often tweak the RTPs of their game, depending on the online casino. Usually, they adjust it from 92% to 96%. 

If you want to put your mind at ease, you can check the casino if the casino is provably fair. There are places where games get tested. Companies like eCogra are legitimate places that actually check if slot games are fair. Before in an online casino, check if the site you’re using is regulated and licenced by gaming authorities. 

How to compute the RTP

If you want to calculate the RTP of the game you’re playing, you have to identify first if it’s a non-strategic or strategic game. These two have different methods of computing the RTP.

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RTP calculation for slot games 

Computing for the slot RTP requires several trial runs and test spins. Usually, the spins can go up to a million. Once the trial spins are done, providers will calculate the RTP by dividing the total winnings by the total bet. After that, they will multiply the answer by 100%. 

Here’s the formula for the slot RTP computation: 

RTP = total player wins/total player bets*100%

Before trying out this formula, take note that the figures presented above are real winning percentages from players. You cannot use random numbers for this, otherwise, you’ll get an inaccurate answer. 

Most players won’t know this bit of information but casinos are not the ones who assign the game RTPs. Usually, the game providers are the ones who determine this and have the power to alter it, depending on the casino. Majority of slot games have an RTP average of 96% and they are often called ‘loose slots’. Meanwhile, slots with an RTP of 92% and lower are referred to as ‘tight slots’. 

RTP calculation for non-strategic games

Casino games that do not require strategy require a different RTP calculation. Here’s the formula you can use: 

RTP ≈ 100%-house edge

The games that fall under this category are table games such as roulette and craps. However, you need to know that every game has a different outcome, so you can’t bank on the same figures every time you compute. To generate a more exact calculation, the game has to be tested a few times. 

The number you will get from the test run is called the game’s theoretical RTP. If you want to compute for this, here’s an example: 

Say you’re playing a roulette game that has a house edge of 5.26%. To obtain the theoretical RTP, you need to use the following formula: 

RTP ≈ 100%-5.26% = 94.74%

As computed, your chances of winning the is at 94.74%

RTP and House Edge

In a nutshell, RTP is the percentage that depicts the player’s advantage while the house edge is the online casino’s advantage. In other terms, the house edge can be considered as the casino’s profit.

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Land-based and online casinos: Which has the better RTP?

When it comes to land-based and online casinos, there’s a slight difference between the RTPs. There are a lot of myths about the RTPs between the two, that’s why it’s important to determine the differences before playing. 

Online casinos offer higher RTPs in games. Usually, the range of RTP of percentage you can find is between 94% to 97%. This is because they are location-independent and don’t pay tax for rent and other building permits. Meanwhile, land-based casinos offer games that have RTPs ranging from 70% to 90%, which players dislike. However, the reason for this is that there is limited space in actual casinos, and they need to generate more revenue from the physical slots they offer. Online casinos are not subject to these physical restrictions, that’s why they have more opportunity to offer games with higher RTPs. 

Debunking the most common RTP myths

People who have been playing in online casinos have probably heard a myth or two about RTPs. So, if you want to debunk these common misconceptions, read further: 

RTPs are rigged

This myth has been circulating in the casino industry for a long time. If you read forums or gambling sites, you’ll read a line or two saying how RTPs are rigged by the online casinos. This is not entirely true.

Most games are provided by developers that follow regulations implemented by gaming authorities. Only game providers are allowed to adjust the RTPs of the game they produce. Online casinos have no power whatsoever to change the RTPs they offer. While online casinos have an edge, players are not entirely left on the losing side of the game. 

RTP is not important in playing slot games 

While RTP is not your biggest concern in playing slots, it’s important to know what they entail and how they affect your payouts. You can check the games you’re playing to know the RTP.

Progressive jackpot slots can change your RTP

This piece of information is actually true. In most cases, jackpot slots are indicated by their high RTPs, but some portion of the percentage is only applicable when you actually win the jackpot prize.

Casino games with high RTP

All the casino games you can encounter on sites have an RTP. If you’re looking for a game’s RTP, you can either look within the game or in the information page. Here are some of the exciting games with high RTPs you can encounter:

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Mega Joker 

Developed by NetEnt, the Mega Joker is an exciting game title that gives a whole other level of thrill and excitement to classic slots. The developer has a wide variety of slot games with extensive choices, however, Mega Joker remains as one of their games that features a high RTP. 

This old-school slot features a classic format that gives you a chance to experience a classic gameplay with its immersive visuals and graphics. To add more spice to your gaming, this game features a Supermeter where you have the opportunity to double your winnings by gambling them. You’re sure to take home high rewards because this game boasts an RTP of 99%.

1429 Uncharted Seas 

Voyage the tempestuous waves in 1429 Uncharted Seas and scour the ocean for the hidden treasures that lie deep in the ocean. With an RTP of 98.6%, this game will give you exciting rewards and payouts. 


Bloodsuckers is an exciting game developed by NetEnt and boasts a staggering RTP of 98%. This game will take you to a chilling adventure with supernatural creatures that can grant you impaling payouts. What’s more is that it offers exciting game features that can further increase your wins!

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Devil’s Delight

Awaken the darkness within when you spin the reels of Devil’s Delight. With an RTP of 97.6%, this game will take you to the throes of excitement and fear. Moreover, this game has a solu-o-meter that makes it a worthy slot to spin. 

Big Bad Wolf 

Quickspin’s Big Bad Wolf will take you in the forest where the Bad Wolf lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce on the meek little Red Riding Hood. Aside from the exemplary visuals, this game brags an RTP of 97%. Moreover, the game is teeming with game features that will keep you entertained. 

Jackpot 6000

The Jackpot 6000, is a classic game developed by NetEnt. What makes this game more thrilling is that it also has a Supermeter feature that can further increase your payouts. If you like classics with retro-themes, this game is for you.

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Compared to other table games, Baccarat offers a high RTP at 98.94%. Moreover, this game has a low house edge 1.06% that can grant you substantial rewards. However, take note that not all Baccarat games have the same theoretical RTP and house edge, so do your research prior to playing.

Regardless, this Baccarat game by Evolution Gaming will give the thrill and excitement you can find in actual casinos.