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Technology has brought drastic changes in all sectors of the industry. One sector that benefited from the delights of technological advancements is the casino industry. Before people went out and travelled far just to play a game, now they have the luxury to play their favourite games in the comfort of their homes. What’s more appealing is that the emergence of online casinos welcomed innovative and exciting games for punters to enjoy. 

However, no matter how convenient and exciting this is, online casino games still lack the thrill of human touch. Because of commitment to the gaming and entertainment industry, virtual casinos have come up with an exciting way to bring the heart-thumping rush of having a dealer and other players into the table. 

Live dealers take gaming to a whole new level by adding the presence of croupiers or live dealers in the game. As the name suggests, live dealer games are table games shot in a room designed to look like a casino. There are tables, lights, and a dealer who will accommodate you throughout the game. 

Playslots Casino offers you the hottest and latest live gaming entertainment at the palm of your hand. We source our games from top-notch game providers, so expect nothing short of amazing because you will get the satisfaction of playing and more! 

What are you waiting for? Play because an all-in fun is waiting for you! The only thing left to do is wager.

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What are live dealer games?

As mentioned above, live dealer games are managed by real life croupiers who will shuffle the cards and spin the wheels for players. The type of live dealer you will encounter depends on the game you select. To mimic the atmosphere of fancy casinos, these games are shot in spaces designed to look like a casino. You will see lights, tables, fancy backdrops, and other equipment specific to the game you want. However in some games, they use virtual rendering of the items needed such as wheels. 

In live casinos, players and dealers can interact with one another. What makes playing live dealer games enjoyable is that people have the opportunity to communicate with other players and the dealer rather than just simply spinning or clicking buttons. 

Moreover, the element of trust is present, which creates a more relaxed atmosphere for players. From dealing cards to spinning the wheel, players can see it real time and not worry about issues such as rigging and false game results.

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How to play live dealer games?

Playing live dealer games is easy. All you need to do is choose a game title you want to play. Each game has a different table, so be wary of this before choosing. Additionally, games such as poker, baccarat, or roulette have variants, that’s why you need to read carefully before placing your wagers. 

Once you’re done selecting a game, you need to load it and place wager. After this, you can now speak to your dealer and watch them shuffle cards or ask you questions. Placing your wagers is a little bit different because you will select from buttons that depict different coin amounts. 

Keep in mind that you’re not the only player present in the table, so you might have to wait for others to arrive before the game starts. Additionally, you should be aware that game rules vary depending on the title you choose. 

Are there live dealer bonuses?

While it might not seem like they do since the games happen in real time, live dealer games also have bonuses. However, each game is different from the other, so don’t expect that you will receive the same incentives. Moreover, there’s a certain amount of deposit you need to fulfil for you to be able to qualify for a bonus. That’s why you need to think things through before placing your deposit.

Live dealers games you can enjoy

Playslots Casino is brimming with live dealer games you can enjoy. Depending on your preference, we have different table game variants that can add spice to your gaming. Choose now because the options for you are endless. Here are some of the live dealer games you can play on our site:

Live roulette games at playslot


Roulette is one of the most straightforward live dealer games you can play. What makes it popular among players is that it offers a good edge to win. Some live dealer variants of roulette have more than one wheel, so the chances of getting high payouts is good. 

The live dealer version is similar to its video counterpart. In the live casino version, there’s also a wheel separated in red and black pockets. All the sections are numbered from 1 to 36. You can also find wheels with green pockets, but this depends on the variant of the game. For the European roulette, you will find that it has a single ‘0’ while the American version has ‘00’ slots. 

To start playing roulette, you need to select a number/numbers that you want to wager on. Once done, place your bet and the dealer will spin the wheel. If the pointer stops on a section with the same number you wagered on, you will receive payouts.

Here is one of the live roulette games you can try: Bombay Club Speed Roulette – Powered by Evolution Gaming, Bombay Club Speed Roulette is your top pick if you want to enjoy a high-quality gaming experience of roulette.

In this game, you will be taken to a roulette table accompanied by a charming live dealer. What makes this game special is that it doesn’t lag and it features bonuses that will surely increase your winnings! Moreover, it scales well across any device you want.

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Poker is arguably the most popular table game in the world. In some places, conferences held for poker is a thing that people attend to. Unlike other table games, poker consists of a more complex set of rules that you need to grasp before playing. Live dealer utilises a standard deck of cards. Depending on the game variant, one or two jokers are added to the 52 card deck. Additionally, in live poker, 2 to 10 players can participate. 

It takes practise and skill to win at poker. This is because you need to have a good grasp of the different hand values that you can encounter. One of the most common poker variants you can encounter is Texas Hold’em. This game starts with the dealer giving out two cards. Once done, a betting ensues. Then, three cards will be distributed by the dealer and a third round of betting will take place. The game will progress until a player wins. 

Here are some of the hands you can encounter in Texas Hold’em: 

  • Royal Flush – A royal flush consists of cards in the same card suit. For example, A-K-Q-J-T. 
  • Straight Flush – A straight flush consists of cards arranged in sequence in the same suit. For example, 9-8-7-6-5. 
  • Four of a Kind – A four of a kind consists of cards that have the same value. For example, A-A-A-A. 
  • Full House – A full house consists of cards with a three of a kind and a pair. 
  • Flush – A full house consists of cards in the same suit.
  • Straight – A straight consists of cards arranged in basic sequence such as 6-5-4-3-2.
  • Three of a kind – A three of a kind consists of cards in the same value. For example, 5-5-5. 
  • Two-pair – A two pair consists of cards in the same valuation. For example, 9-9 and 5-5. 
  • Pair – A pair consists of any two pairs of cards in the same suit. 

High card – A high card means you’re banking all your trust in your highest card.

Live blackjack games at playslot


Also known as Vingt-un, Blackjack is another popular table game to punters. Blackjack is played with a 52 deck of cards without the joker. In this game, your objective is to defeat the dealer’s hand by forming a hand without exceeding 21 but as close to it as possible. You also have the same objective in live blackjack.

To win in this game, you need to know when to hit and stand. These actions will determine whether you won or not. When you hit, it means you want the dealer to add another card to your hand. Meanwhile, when you stand, it means you are sticking with your current hand. 

Here are some of the game rules in blackjack that you should learn about: 

  • Players can insure their bet just in case the dealer has an ace and thus, calls for blackjack immediately. On this event, you can receive a 2:1 payout. You will receive a payout of 3:2 if you beat the dealer’s hand. 
  • Dealers will stand when they have a hand worth 17 or greater. 
  • Players can double down when they have a two-card hand. 
  • Players can split a card if it’s a two-card. 
  • In live blackjack, players don’t have the option to ‘surrender’. 
Live baccarat games at playslot


Live Baccarat has the same game game rules as its casino version. Aside from poker and blackjack, it’s one of the most popular games in the world. Before Baccarat was the game we know today, it was a form of entertainment reserved for the French elite. Only the rich can have access to it because of the high amount of wager required. As years passed, it became more available to the public and had lower wager rates.

Baccarat is played with 52 deck of cards. The objective in this game is to beat the dealer by forming a hand with an amount close to 9. You can place a wager on either party. 

Here are some of the basic rules of Baccarat: 

  • In baccarat, the lowest cards are the aces. They have a value of 1. 
  • Cards from 2 to 9 are worth their numerical value. 
  • 10s and high ranking card faces are worth 0. 
  • Only the numerical value of the cards are counted in the game.
  • You’re allowed to wager in a round that you think will end in a tie. 
  • The game will result in a tie when both the player and banker side have equal value in their hand. In the event that the game ends in a tie, the wager placed on the banker will be returned.
Live dealer games at playslots

How do live dealers work

Live dealers are possible because of the innovation brought by technology. Here are some of the devices used to make live games more exciting for players: 


High-quality cameras are used to record and stream the games. The cameras will focus on the dealer or players whenever they’re talking. This usually gives players a better view of what’s happening in the game for a great game experience. 


The props in live dealer games are what creates a casino atmosphere in the game. Usually, it consists of tables, wheels, chips, cards, and a backdrop. To make the gaming experience more immersive, some casinos go out of their way to create top-notch designs for their players. Here at Playslots Casino, we only offer you high-quality games shot in the best locations to give you the thrill and satisfaction you’ve been craving for.

Chat system 

A messaging system is a way for players and dealers to communicate. Through this messaging gateway, it’s possible for both parties to ask each other questions. Moreover, if a player has an inquiry, the dealer will respond right away and look directly at the camera to entertain the query. 


The dealer is the most important port of the live casino. They manage and oversee the game and add to the ‘real casino’ vibe in the game. Additionally, they’re experts on casino games and they are more than willing to accommodate any question you may have. They spin the wheel, deal the cards and settle the payouts for the players.