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Slots are exciting games that offer a unique gameplay experience. What makes them more thrilling and engaging is that they always have something fresh and new to offer players. Nowadays, game developers always look for different ways to make their games more exciting. Whether they add more reels or an extra animation to the symbols, video slots are at the forefront of innovation in the gaming industry. 

Dive in and explore the exciting universe of slot games when you play in Playslots Casino. We offer a wide range of slots and table games that have different features. If you want to play old-school classics or immersive 3D slots, we have it all for you. Add more thrill to your gaming experience when you score heart-thumping rewards, bonuses and payouts

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What are slot game features?

The beauty of slot games is that each of them has their own unique feature and theme. Even if they come in the same format, there will always be a feature or two that sets them apart. In understanding how slot games work, you also have to know the features they hold. This is a good way to maximize your wagers and of course, to get a kick out of playing. 

Slot games are teeming with features that you can encounter when you play in online casinos. These thrilling elements of slots is what keeps players on the hook. Here’s a quick run through of the features you can find when playing slots:

Bonus games

Bonus games are common features in slots. Usually, they can be activated by special icons such as Scatters, Wilds, and Bonus symbols. In some games, they can be triggered when you arrange matching icons on the reels. 

Once bonus games are activated, they can be in the form of free games or mini game rounds that can give you substantial payouts.

Cascading reels

Cascading reels are exciting features that you can find in slot games with complex storylines. In this type of feature, symbols cascade atop the reels when you create a winning combination, replacing all the icons on the reels. This means that more winning lines can be made throughout the game. Some games with cascading reels that you can try out are Bonanza, Aztec Bonanza, and Extra Chilli.

Expanding reels

Expanding reels are features that you can find in most video slots. Usually, expanding reels happen when you activate a set of Wild icons that will add extra reel or two to the existing grids. These can increase your chances of landing winning lines because they will add more symbols in the game.

Free Spins feature 

Free Spins are another type of slot feature that can potentially increase your winnings. This round can be triggered by different symbols and ways, depending on the game rules of the slot you’re playing. In some cases, you can activate it by landing three or more Scatters. Some games have a Free Spins icon that instantly triggers this feature.

Retrigger feature

If you think the Free Spins feature is exciting, think again. Some developers create games with a retrigger level that allows you to repeat all your spin history. If you have a lot of winning lines in your previous spins, this feature will re-activate them again to grant you more rewards!

Sticky Wild symbols 

Sticky wilds are fun variations of Wild icons. Usually, these symbols stay in place during a series of spins, to increase your chances of landing matching symbols. In some games, sticky wilds can scale the whole reel and stay in place during retrigger features.

Scatter symbols feature

The scatters icon is a common symbol you can find in most slots. Scatters often appear randomly on the reels to grant players more payouts or activate a feature. Aside from the Wilds, Scatters are sometimes the highest paying icons in the game. There is no specific design for Scatters. Sometimes they appear as the word ‘Scatter’ or is depicted in an emblem that is relevant to the game’s theme or design. 

Tumbling reels

Tumbling reels are fun game features that can add an extra dose of excitement to slot games. Slots with tumbling reels usually have a standard format. During this game feature, all your initial winning lines will be paid and removed from the reels. Then, the icons that are left will slide further down the screen to create empty spaces atop the reels. New icons will occupy these empty slots.

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Shifting Wilds

Shifting Wilds is an exciting feature that functions similar to sticky wilds. Once activated, a shifting wild will stay in place during a subsequent spin. What makes them different from sticky wilds is that they can move on the reels whenever you spin.

Stacked wilds   

Stacked wilds is another type of wild icon that can interchange with other symbols. Usually, this symbol can appear in reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. The only difference is that they appear in stacks that can cover a whole reel.

Rotating Reels

The rotating reels feature can be seen in Bonus rounds. During this slot feature, you can expect free rounds to score more winning combinations.

Split symbols 

Split symbols in slot games are icons that can appear more than once in a single reel. These symbols can become halved into two and can increase your chances of landing winning combinations. 

Random Wilds / Wild symbols

Random wilds are the most common icons you can encounter. Once wild icons appear on the reels, they can replace all the symbols excluding Scatters, Bonus, and Free Spins. Additionally, they can also grant payouts based on the Wilds you accumulate. A lot of jackpot wins can be attributed to random wilds appearing on the reels.

Progressive wins 

A progressive jackpot slot game increases the prize as more players place their wager in the game. Usually, progressive jackpot slots have more complex winning odds compared to fixed ones. These types of slots are usually connected to a network linked to other casinos, that accumulates the wagers of players participating in the game.

Multiplier symbols 

As the name suggests, Multiplier symbols can increase your winnings by a specific amount. Usually, the multiplier features can be activated when you land Scatter symbols. They can range from x2 to x20, depending on the game you’re playing.

Win both ways 

The win both ways feature can be found in slot games that pay from left to right and right to left. This feature can increase your chances of scoring payouts because they pay winning lines on both sides.

Gamble feature

The gamble feature is a popular game feature that you can find in most slot games. During this feature, you have the option to gamble all your existing wins and double them. The most common gamble feature is predicting the card suit or colour. If you guess correctly, your wins will be instantly multiplied. However, all your wins will be forfeited if you fail to guess the correct answer.

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Types of online slots 

Classic slots 

Complex and advanced slot games may be the popular option now, but there are still some people who still enjoy simple and classic format slots. Usually, classic slots have three reels and a single playline. Additionally, they don’t come with game features that are present in video slots. 

Classic slots usually depict old-school symbols such as bars, bells, 7s, fruits, and horseshoes. However, in some classic slots, you will find more innovative icons based on the theme of the game. 

Multi-payline slots 

Multi payline slots are games that feature more than 1 reel. You can find slots with 9, 15, 20, 25, or 50 reels that can increase the fun in your gaming. 

Bonus slots 

Also known as video slots, these types of games have features such as special symbols, scatters, and free spins. 

Progressive jackpot slots 

In the gambling industry, progressive slots are probably the most popular games among punters. What makes these games attractive to players is they feature thrilling payouts that can trigger in a few spins. 

Modern video slots are usually the ones that carry progressive wins. Most of the time, progressive jackpot slots are connected to a network linked to other online casinos. That’s why the pool prize increases because all the wagers are pooled in a single pot. 

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3D slots 

If you like immersive and engaging slots, 3D games are the best pick for you. Because of the advanced gaming technology used by providers, 3D slots now feature a storyline that you can watch before you start the game. In addition, you’ll find that some symbols are moving as you spin the reels. 

What’s more thrilling about 3D slots is that they have game features captivates players. Most 3D slots are inspired by movies and TV shows. Moreover, they can be played seamlessly across devices such as phones, tablets, and PCs because they run on advanced game algorithms. 

Virtual reality slots 

Also known as VR slots, these types of games are relatively new in the gambling industry. While there’s still a small number of virtual casinos that offer this type of slot, they are gaining positive feedback from players. 

The aim of VR slots is to create a whole new level of gaming for players by taking them into a more immersive virtual experience. In VR slots, you’ll have the opportunity to move ‘within’ the game, instead of just spinning the reels. 

Skill based slots 

Skill based slots are games that are a hybrid of slot games and video games. In these types of games, there are no reels for you to spin. You need to rely on your skill to win the game. One classic example of this game is Fish Catch and Poke the Guy.  

Additionally, these games require relatively high payouts and extra wagers if you want to access more game features. Moreover, they also come with a time limit per round. 

Mega Spin slots 

Mega spin slots are games that allow you to play four, five, or the maximum number of spin in a game. If you’re a high roller and you want to increase your chances of taking home big wins. If you’re a beginner in slots, it’s better you develop your skills first because Mega Spins features can be tricky for first-timers.

Games with exciting slot features in Playslots Casino

Thrilled to take home big wins? Here are some of the slot games we offer where you can find rewarding slot features:

tiki terror gameplay

Tiki Terror by Onetouch 

Tiki Terror will take you to a swampy river bank where you can find the terror-inducing and rewarding monsters that can grant you riches up to 10,000 credits. This game has a Wild symbol and Free Games that can give you various payouts. Additionally, it has a Cashback feature that can further increase your wins.

vikings go berzerk gameplay

Vikings Go Berzerk by Yggdrasil 

A world you’ve only read in fairytales comes to life in this spell-binding slot game by Yggdrasil. Watch the mer-people and the mighty Vikings fight for the jackpot worth 500,000 credits. 

This video slot is a good example of games with a good story line that you can watch in the beginning of the game. With magnificent visuals, engaging soundtrack and competitive payouts, Vikings go Berzerk will transport you to a realm where you can experience the thrill of rewards and victory. Game features such as Free Spins, Bonus games, and Scatters can be found in this game.

atlantis thunder gameplay

Atlantis Thunder by Kalamba Games 

Explore uncharted territories when you play Atlantis Thunder by Kalamba games. Take home a jackpot worth 3,000 credits when you activate the Free Spins, Bonus Jackpots, and Wild Multipliers.