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Slots 101: All you need to know about slots

Unlike other popular table games like poker or blackjack, there’s no need to learn various strategies or complicated gameplay to play and win in slot games. Whether you just want to relax or win prizes, all you have to do is sit and spin the reels. With engaging graphics and a diverse range of themes, slot games are also visually appealing and immersive, making them one of the most in-demand casino games over the years.

Slot games are popularly known to be games of chance. What prize you win depends on the symbol and combinations the machine will generate, so every spin counts! If you’re just starting to get into slot games, has you covered. Here are the most common terminologies you should know:


The rows of a slot game are the horizontal lines of symbols or numbers shown on the screen. Slot games differ when it comes to the number of rows. Nowadays, slot providers create slot games with four, six or seven rows to spice up their slot games and add in more features. However, 3-row slots are still the most popular ones among video slots online.  


Depending on the slot game, the number of reels can be 3 to 5 and sometimes more. They are the vertical lines that consist of paying symbols and they are spun once you’ve placed a bet or wager. 

If you’re a beginner in the world of slots, it is better if you choose 3-reel slots since they have simpler mechanics and fewer features. You will also have a higher chance of forming winning combinations because you only have to line up 3 identical symbols on a payline. 

RNG (Random Number Generator)

To generate winning combinations on the reels, slots use Random Number Generator software. They produce a random sequence of symbols and numbers each second. Even when nobody is playing the slot machine, they still generate different patterns to ensure that the game is provably fair! This is why they are called the brains of slot machines since they determine a player’s chances of winning. 

This is what makes the slot games more exciting. Since the game cannot be rigged, you will solely depend on luck and chance. So every time you press the button or pull the lever, you always have the opportunity to win big! 

Free spins

Whether you’re playing slot games in a land-based casino or online platforms, free spins usually refer to bonus features you can activate in the game that will increase your  chances of winning. From the term itself, free spins give you the chance to spin the reels for free!.

To trigger a free spin, you have to hit certain symbols across the reels in the correct order. However, if you’re a new player, you can also create an account on online casinos and get free spins as a reward!

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